Our products are designed to comply with Health Code requirements for the use of breath shields or sneeze guards whenever food is presented for patron self-service. The Folding Portable Sneeze guard System is designed for use in facilities such as banquet halls, convention hotels, country clubs, casinos, cruise ships, restaurants, night clubs and institutions where self-service food offerings are set up on a frequent basis. The Chafer guard and ClearVue guard are models of the Portable Sneeze guard System. They allow for attractive, creative and dramatic food presentations. The Hi-Profile Folding Portable Sneeze guard System is designed for use over elevated food offerings such as chafing dishes and ice boats on a temporary basis, allowing 18” clearance from tabletop and bottom of guard. Sneezeguard Solutions® modular systems are attractive, durable, efficient, and labor saving.

Sneeze Guard Accessories

Wall Storage Rack

Sneezeguard Solutions® Wall Storage Rack for Sampler Sneeze Guards
Sneezeguard Solutions® Wall Storage Rack system is designed to be permanently mounted to a wall in a storage area or facility.

The Wall Storage Rack is perfect for storing your Sampler Sneeze Guards up out of the way of floor traffic and possible damage.

The Wall Storage Rack is made to hold up to six Sampler Sneeze Guards.

Our goal in developing the Wall Storage Rack system was to design a storage unit that is:

    • Attractive – Enhances food presentation.
    • Durable – retains its usefulness and attractive appearance.
    • Cost Effective – Provides for easy installation and maintenance.

*Sneeze guards are required for food on display to be protected from contamination

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