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The Wall Storage Rack: Perfect for Small Business Storage Solutions


The Sampler Guard is perfect for non-permanent food station setups or any other temporary placement for extra protection that is needed. They are easy to move, transport with you, and they are super versatile for whatever situation may arise for when you’ve got to protect yourself, your product, and the customer! The Sampler Guard truly is a very great product with endless uses and the ability to remain functional and safe while also being conducive to smaller spaces.

That being said, we need to talk about this “small space” thing. Lots of small restaurants and other food-carrying stores are small and do not necessarily have the room to just have sneezeguards up all the time when they aren’t needed. The Sampler Guard is great for these spaces when the sneezeguards are in use, but what about when they aren’t needed? Where are you supposed to find the space to safely and effectively store these Sampler sneezeguards? This is where the wall rack comes into play.

wall storage rack

The Wall Storage Rack is a Sneezeguard Solutions system that is designed to be mounted wherever you plan to store your collection of the Sampler Sneezeguard. It is a permanent mount, so it is super secure, and it also helps minimize clutter and ensure the easy excess to your sneezeguards whenever you need them to keep your business safe and running! This Wall Storage Rack is made to hold up to six of the Sampler Sneezeguards, which is a lot! Yet, the design of the rack is sleek and durable. It isn’t bulky, and it won’t take up unnecessary space, which is a win in our book.

If you’ve been looking for a storage solution that is cost-effective, safe, and organized to the max, then this Wall Storage Rack is totally what your business needs. It keeps those sneezeguards in great shape without compromising any more of your valuable business space.

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