Mid-Mount Stationary Sneeze Guard

Sneezeguard Solutions® Mid-Mount Stationary Sneeze Guard allows for selection of the appropriate mounting location on the counter and provides unobstructed access to the food by the patron.

The Stationary Mid Mount sneeze guard is perfect for new installations or dining room renovations. The design enhances the appearance of any food presentation.

The Mid Mount Sneeze guard comes in standard two, three, four, five, six, and eight-foot models.

Our large 8ft. guard ships freight. Contact us to request a freight quote.

Our goal in developing the Mid Mount Sneeze guard system was to design a unit that is:

  • Attractive – Enhances food presentation.
  • Durable – retains its usefulness and attractive appearance.
  • Cost Effective – Provides for easy installation and maintenance.

*Sneeze guards are required for food on display to be protected from contamination

Please see sizes and options available below.

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Showing all 6 results