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Why the Desktop Divider is Crucial to Reintegrating In-Person Education


As a college student during COVID-19, it comes as no surprise that my education has gone in a very unexpected way. Many of my classes will only meet through Zoom or other Video Conference programs. I understand that this is for your safety reasons, but I must say, school is much harder for me through Zoom! I require some hands-on learning, you know? Really, I must say that much of this comes from the fact that I have a hard time concentrating in general, and without the accountability of being in-person… oof, it is all over for me! That’s why I think that the Economy Desk Top Divider (link here:  is essential for all educational facilities (and could be my lifesaver).

The Economy Desk Top Divider can help educational institutions stay open or be able to reintegrate in-person learning! It is a freestanding divider that is perfect for school-sized desks or tables, and it has three barricaded sides. This is ideal for learning environments as it provides optimal protection and still allows for in-person learning, which is crucial to many students’ education.


According to a study done by the Dana Foundation, one of the reasons why in-person learning seems to be more effective than online learning is because of the amount of engagement involved in a traditional learning environment. This does not just happen to be a result of the human engagement in traditional school spaces, but when a student is to obtain information from a paper textbook and other tactile learning materials, the information is better absorbed. Though online education is great in many ways, it still has its downfalls.

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That being said, during these times, the Economy Desk Top Divider (link here: is truly a resource we cannot let go to waste. It is time for us to push forward in our educational endeavors throughout this pandemic, and let us all be safe by having our schools invest in health-saving dividers. Together, we can keep educating our children and ourselves in a safe and in-person environment.

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