Our products are designed to comply with Health Code requirements for the use of breath shields or sneeze guards whenever food is presented for patron self-service. The Folding Portable Sneeze guard System is designed for use in facilities such as banquet halls, convention hotels, country clubs, casinos, cruise ships, restaurants, night clubs and institutions where self-service food offerings are set up on a frequent basis. The Chafer guard and ClearVue guard are models of the Portable Sneeze guard System. They allow for attractive, creative and dramatic food presentations. The Hi-Profile Folding Portable Sneeze guard System is designed for use over elevated food offerings such as chafing dishes and ice boats on a temporary basis, allowing 18” clearance from tabletop and bottom of guard. Sneezeguard Solutions® modular systems are attractive, durable, efficient, and labor saving.

Chafer Sneeze Guard

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Sneezeguard Solutions Chafer Guard
Sneezeguard Solutions ClearVue Portable
Sneezeguard Solutions Chafer Guard
The Chafer Guard was born of the industry need to provide a safe and effective means of protecting food offerings when served from elevated containers; such as chafers, ice boats and/or risers.

The Chafer Guard offers the versatility to rise from a 14″ wrist clearance to 18″ as a convenience to your patrons.

The Chafer Guard incorporates our simple and easy for everyone to use 1, 2, 3 set up process combined with the following features:

  • New Telescopic stand design allows guard opening to extend from 14″ to 18″ in height
  • Cost effective – Use one sneeze guard for different setups
  • Available in Black
  • 2′- 6′ sneeze guard sizes

*Sneeze guards are required for food on display to be protected from contamination

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Chafer Guard

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