Ambassador Angled Divider Sneeze Guard

Sneezeguard Solutions ® Ambassador Angled Divider Sneeze Guard is designed to be permanently mounted on a steam table, salad bar, buffet bar, counter or table.

The Ambassador Angled Divider Sneeze Guard is perfect for new installations or dining room renovations.

The Ambassador Angled Divider Sneeze Guard can be made to order or you can purchase the component parts and buy glass locally to fit your needs.

Our goal in developing the Ambassador Angled Divider Sneeze Guard system was to design a unit that is:

    • Attractive – Enhances food presentation
    • Durable – Retains its usefulness and attractive appearance
    • Cost Effective – Provides for easy installation and maintenance
    • Component Driven – Purchase only the parts you need

*Sneeze guards are required for food on display to be protected from contamination

Please see sizes and options available below.

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