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Creating Barriers with Guards to Protect Employees & Customers

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These days it seems as if Plexiglas shield guards are showing up just about any place business is conducted from grocery stores to dry cleaners to pharmacies to restaurant pick-up windows. Although the sudden rise in these barriers is clearly due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, however, I hope businesses continue to implement them in their workplaces long after COVID-19 has settled down. There are many other germs floating around that can make employees ill and it is just good practice to continue using and installing these shields to protect workers and customers.


OSHA recommends that employers develop and implement an infectious disease preparedness and response plan that considers the level(s) of risk associated with worksites and job tasks performed by workers. A part of this plan includes considering where and how they may be exposed to the virus. Sources to consider are the public, customers, and co-workers. Occupational safety and health professionals outlined ways of controlling workplace hazards to reduce exposure. One of the suggested engineering controls is installing physical barriers, such as clear plastic sneezugards.

desktop barrier

Sneezeguard Solutions, Inc. has personal protection barriers for all business types, not just sneeze guards for the food service industry.

  • Table Top Dividers are good for group/large desks and come in multiple size options.
  • Desk Top Dividers have multiple configurations making them sit easily on desktops.
  • Economy Desk Top Dividers are an all corrugated barrier ideal for schools and educational institutions.
  • Self-Standing Guards are portable and easily set-up. They are also available with speak-through holes and pass-through openings.
  • Body Guards are made of a large panel design with a standard size of a 4’ x 8’, but can be customized upon request.
  • Salon Guards are a 30” wide x 24” tall freestanding design with an 18” wide x 8” tall pass through.
  • Budget Guards are free-standing with leg options in a 12” x 12” pass through and install with double-sided tape.
  • Prime Guards also install with double-sided tape and are 30” wide x 38” tall with 6” wings.
  • The Economy Guard is a flat panel or L-bend style attaching with Velcro or screws. This is a great cost-effective option.
  • The Premier Guard mounts to any surface, as it is portable, but available as a permanent mount if desired. This guard is 2’ x 3’.

Sneezeguard Solutions is here to help you keep your employees and customers safe, no matter what type of business you have. Call today to place your order, 800.569.2056.