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The Body Guard: A Solution for Small Office Spaces

Body GuardT

Come on now, haven’t you ever thought that it would be cool to have a personal bodyguard? No, just me? Anyways… this is one bodyguard I can guarantee that you’ll want to have for sure. This Body Guard is a plexiglass, freestanding sneezeguard divider that would be perfect for small office spaces. It is a way to offer extra safety for all employees, but it also is a great way to divide an office space without cutting off the flow.

For example, with a few of these Body Guards, you would be able to build a type of “enclosure” that could be used for a meeting room equivalent or perhaps a break room. Honestly, your options are endless! The best part is that because it made of clear plexiglass, it doesn’t obstruct the view from other areas of the office, which allows it to let the office space feel better organized and even a little bigger. Traditional office dividers can feel clunky and make the space look even smaller. Another added bonus is that this is a much more sanitary solution than traditional dividers too.

body guard

You see, with the Body Guard sneeze guard, its simple and well-done design makes keeping office spaces clean easier! With one easy spray of a disinfectant and a wipe of a towel, you can clearly see that the Body Guard is clean! In comparison to traditional dividers that are usually covered with fabric, they can hold bacteria longer and be cumbersome to properly clean.

There are so many options for the Body Guard for small office spaces, and they can help create a more cohesive and safe workspace. In a world of despair during this pandemic, the better and safer a workspace is, I think all employees are appreciative of it. Get in touch with Sneezeguard Solutions to talk about specifics so you can get your Body Guard order placed today.

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Sneeze Guards Offer an Extra Line of Defense

Waiter in Mask

Health safety has always been a priority for restaurants but since the COVID-19, pandemic health safety has reached a completely new level. From requiring all staff to wear face masks to extra strong disinfectant to limited seating, it’s all unchartered territory and restaurateurs are doing all they can to keep guests and staff safe. One way to keep food safe from germs is with sneeze guards from Sneezeguard Solutions. While sneeze guards aren’t new to the industry, they have, however, gained more popularity these last few COVID-filled days.

Sneeze Guard

The 1950s dawned the era of cough and sneeze shields in restaurants to prevent guests from contaminating food. You have most likely seen them shielding and protecting buffets. Sneeze guards are not considered to be a medical device, but they do have qualities to help contribute to transmission slowdown likened to personal protective equipment or, as it is more commonly referred to, PPE. Sneezeguard Solutions offers many different types of sneeze guards to fit any space.

Open Sign

As restaurants continue re-opening, give you customers extra reassurance that you are committed to safety first. When sneeze barriers are coupled with other safety methods, they will help slow the spread of COVID-19, the flu, and other easily transmitted viruses and diseases. There are currently no enforceable government standards when it comes to requiring shields, but the CDC recommends the use of them as protection. Contact Sneezeguard Solutions today to get your sneeze guards ordered. Don’t wait another day; orders are coming in fast for this new normal. The new normal is most likely to become permanent. Make the investment in your business for yourself, your staff, and your customers.

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Create Protection From Transmission With Sneeze Guards


There are many things that are still uncertain and many disagreements about how to handle COVID-19. However, there are a few guidelines that have proven to be effective in helping to curb the spread of the virus: wearing a mask, social distancing and washing your hands frequently.

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Small Businesses, This Sneeze Guard is For You


It is no surprise that COVID-19 has taken its toll upon small business owners everywhere. Of course, we all want to be open and serve our customers, but without the protection for ourselves and the customers, it can feel impossible to do! Places like salons, boutiques, and bakeries (to name a few) need extra precautions in place so that they can remain open and safe to the public. A salon sneeze guard could be the right call for you and your services if your business deals hands-on with customers.

The salon guard, as you may guess, can be used in a salon (perfect for nail salons), and it is a freestanding tabletop divider with an opening on the bottom. This is perfect for nail salons because it offers a safe environment for everyone while letting your business be open and giving the customers what they want!

Salon Guard Sneeze Guard

However, don’t feel like this guard is only limited to nail salons. If you own a boutique, bookstore, or even a bakery… this can be a great option. The salon guard is perfect for cashier areas in small businesses. It will be a great separation between you and the customer for the sake of germs, but it makes business as effective as before the pandemic. The bottom opening is large enough for books, small bags, baked goods, and other various products to slide under so that there is as little contact as possible.

The salon guard is 30” x 24” tall with an 18” wide x 8” tall pass through on the bottom. It is protective, cost-effective, and perfect for businesses that are trying to stay open amid these pressing times. There are also elegant and traditional versions available so that you can find what best suits you and your business’s needs.